Sandra Fluke is back and the Democrats have her

She's ba-a-a-ck! Sandra Fluke, the law student who whined to a Congressional committee that the absence of contraception in her student insurance coverage would cost her thousands annually because she couldn't find her way to a local pharmacy to purchase it all by herself for under $15 per month, is continuing her role as armed puppet in the Democrats' war on women. Well, at least she has some sort of job as Democrat dupe, unlike the 8.2% officially unemployed ignored by President Barack Hussein Obama (D) and followers. Jake Tapper of ABC News reports: The Obama campaign will later today send out a mass e-mail to supporters from abortion rights activist Sandra Fluke criticizing the comments of embattled Missouri Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo., and trying to tie them to the GOP presidential platform, ABC News has learned. (snip) Fluke will also be announced as a speaker at the Democratic National Convention. Her email today will note that the Republican National Convention...(Read Full Post)