Ryan and Rand: A Radical Connection?

With Paul Ryan now entering the race as Mitt Romney's VP pick, we will undoubtedly hear much about Ryan and his politics in the weeks ahead.  One aspect of Ryan that will assuredly be discussed is his respect for controversial philosopher Ayn Rand.  While Ryan is definitely not a disciple of Rand, and has even distanced himself from parts of her philosophy, Ryan has credited Rand's radical ideas of laissez-faire capitalism, ethical egoism, and political individualism as an inspiration to him becoming an elected official. Unfortunately, philosophy is a lost art.  Gone are the days of yore when intelligent men sat in smoke filled rooms to discuss epistemological disagreements or the ins and outs of metaphysics.  Instead, as a nation, we focus on the implications of our candidates placing domesticated animals on rooftops of moving vehicles, or indulging in horse-meat sandwiches.  Rand's philosophy of Objectivism will likely not get a fair showing in the...(Read Full Post)