Rush Flushes Critics

Several months ago, law student Sandra Fluke boo hooed to Congress that without contraceptive coverage written into her student insurance, obtaining birth control pills would be expensive and difficult. Rush Limbaugh, who long ago decided that conservatives as well as liberals have a right to free speech, mocked her. He even called her a slut!   Conservatives pointed out that birth control pills were readily and cheaply available at a pharmacy within a few miles radius of her residence. Pictures surfaced of Ms. Fluke and her wealthy boyfriend on an expensive European vacation. No matter--several advertisers, as is their right--decided to drop their sponsorship. And now, several months later, at least one, Carbonite, is admitting, uh oh, big mistake! Eliminating advertising on Limbaugh's show caused a significant decrease in revenue. William A. Jacobson of Legal Insurrection, who "predicted that Carbonite had shot itself in the foot, and put political correctness before the...(Read Full Post)