Romney's Tax Returns Don't Matter

When Obama tripped into his office, he promised to improve the economy.  Instead he rushed into the bank-busting Affordable Care Act.  Then he backed the EPA in all their ludicrous, expensive, sophomoric green energy plans.  I can imagine him in the old days in the back of his classroom at Columbia University, stoned on grass, announcing that he wants to raise the price of gas so that citizens can't afford to travel and pollute the world in their selfish cars.  Then I see him going down to Cooper Union to meet with his socialist buddies.     Obama is insisting that Romney reveal his tax returns.  In the meantime, Romney isn't asking to see Obama's birth certificate, his Social Security number, his college applications, or his embarrassing grades. Even if Romney cheated his butt off on his tax returns, it wouldn't make an iota of difference in Obama's failed economy.  Why can't Obama ever stay on point?  Why does he digress from his...(Read Full Post)