Romney smeared but the media nitpicks GOP welfare ad

This is pretty unbelievable -- even for the mainstream press. An ad came out yesterday that basically calls Mitt Romney a murderer. A steelworker who lost his job because of the Bain takeover in 2001 blames Romney for the death of his wife because he lost his health insurance. As it turns out, his wife died 5 years after the takeover and she had her own insurance even after the steelworker lost his job. The lies in this ad are stupendous. The steelworker claims his wife died "a short time after" he was let go. Five years is not "a short time after." And Allahpundit makes the real point regarding the smear: What is it, precisely, that Bain is being faulted for doing or not doing? They shouldn't have closed down the plant because ... it was unfair to expect the workers who were laid off to ever find new jobs with insurance? It was negligent not to predict that some workers' wives might get laid off too and wouldn't find a new job for years before they became ill? There appears to...(Read Full Post)