Romney may get a convention bump after all

It won't be very large and with the Democratic convention next week, it might not last long, But Mitt Romney is making the most of his shortened convention by pulling even with President Obama in a very Democratic poll -- the Reuters-Ipsos poll. Republican Mitt Romney pulled even with President Barack Obama in a Reuters/Ipsos poll on Wednesday, getting a boost from his party's nominating convention in Tampa this week. In a four-day rolling poll, Romney and Obama were deadlocked among likely voters at 43 percent each. That was an improvement for Romney from Obama's two-point lead on Tuesday and four-point lead on Monday. "There is movement toward Romney, which is traditional for a convention," Ipsos pollster Julia Clark said. "It's small and the change is incremental, but it's been moving the last couple of days." Nominating conventions typically provide at least a small bump in polls for presidential candidates, who use the gatherings as platforms to sell their message...(Read Full Post)