Republicans are Offering Governance and Leadership

The RNC Convention is presenting a simple choice to the American people; governance and leadership versus constant electioneering from the democrats.  The Democrats gave up on governance and leadership long ago in favor of the creation of disparate disaffected groups that could be separated and courted with government programs to address their dissatisfaction (real or imagined) with success in our society.  This model for winning elections was originally created by FDR and refined by LBJ when he created the Welfare State.  This is great for getting elected; governing not so much as Chris Christie pointed in his speech last Tuesday night. Democrats use this method to create hegemony to drive them forward as an elitist ruling class which sits above the people as so-called beneficent rulers that somehow has the ability to discern fairness for everyone. Where have we heard this before?  This corrupt method of electioneering has a soul destroying byproduct which...(Read Full Post)