OWS Protestors Vandalize Obama Campaign Office

Without mentioning Occupy Wall Street, the Associated Press reported that "protestors" vandalized an Obama campaign office in Oakland, California, Friday evening.  Other Big Media outlets, such as the Washington Post, ran the AP version of the story.  That's excusable, since the AP made it look like a small story, and it happened on the opposite side of the continent from most WaPo readers.  But the local CBS affiliate ran its own version of the story without revealing that the protestors were part of the Democrat-supported OWS movement. By the time you click those links, the stories might have been updated, but as of 3pm Eastern Time -- fourteen and a half hours after the incident -- they still suppressed the truth about the protestors' affiliation.  Unsurprisingly, some reader comments indicted the TEA Party for the vandalism, and cynics might suspect that the AP wanted its readers to jump to that conclusion. However, in random acts of journalistic integrity, at...(Read Full Post)