Our Chances of Winning the Senate Just Got Brighter

After a week of Senate pick-up despair, thanks to Todd Akin's odd views of rape and reproductive biology, Republicans could use some good news.  According to Real Clear Politics Senate races in seven states are currently in the toss up column. They are listed below with links to the candidates' web sites. Connecticut Indiana Massachusetts Montana North Dakota Ohio Virginia In addition, there are three states that are leaning GOP (compared to five that are leaning Democrat): Arizona Nevada Wisconsin William Jacobson, of Legal Insurrection, has just written a piece that suggests that we may also be able to win Maine - a state the GOP had assumed was a loss. Maine's former governor, Angus King, is running as an Independent (who would caucus with the Democrats). King was ahead of the Democratic candidate in the state. That is until recently, thanks to Club for Growth that has been running ads highlighting King's record. And the record isn't good. In two weeks King's lead over...(Read Full Post)