Opening Day Fracas in Tampa

Before the made-for-TV show officially got underway at 7:00 PM, there was a noisy fracas on the floor of the GOP Convention.   The floor, by the way, is a red carpet, and in all other ways the Tampa Bay Times Forum was transformed from a hockey arena into a vintage convention set from central casting.  Nets of red, white, and blue balloons are suspended from the ceiling (blocking the big screen), those little vertical signs indicating where each state delegation is seated dot the floor, and the Texans are all sporting red, white, and blue shirts and white ten-gallon hats.  They will presumably throw these into the air when the balloons descend. The controversy was over two issues: the seating of Ron Paul delegates from Maine and a rules changes that would: 1) require the make-up of any state's delegation to reflect in the future the vote totals in that state's primary election and 2) enable the RNC to introduce changes that would have been previously submitted to...(Read Full Post)