One in three doctors will not accept new Medicaid patients

With Medicaid rolls ready to explode once Obamacare comes into full effect, it is significant to note that one in three US doctors say they will not accept any new Medicaid patients. And those are the ones who are willing to admit it. Millions of new patients and a third fewer doctors. What does it add up to? Washington Post: There are a few interesting points to draw from this. The first has to do with what this will mean for the health law's insurance expansion. As Avik Roy pointed out a few weeks ago, states with Democratic governors actually tend to have lower reimbursement rates. Faced with crunched budgets, some have chosen to cut provider payment rather than reduce services. That could mean that the states with the highest likelihood of expanding Medicaid might be those with the lower reimbursement rates - and fewer doctors willing to accept these patients by proxy. That could prove true in a state like California, where 1.8 million residents are expected to gain...(Read Full Post)