Obama's inner circle and Iranian influence

David Plouffe (rhymes with 'fluff") is one of the most powerful unelected officials in the United States, "a key member of Obama's inner circle, a confidant whose desk is just steps from the Oval Office," according to the liberal Washington Post. Plouffe is also a rich man, who got that way as a result of his political activities, including accepting a cool hundred grand for 2 speeches to a company deeply in bed with the Iranian government, a company which supplied technology to the mullahs quite useful in repressing the Green Revolution in 2009. This looks very, very bad. And it is the tip of the iceberg on the (so far) unreported story of  how the Obama inner circle of Chicago political operatives have managed to become rich in politics. Tom Hamburger and Peter Wallsten of the Washington Post have uncovered some of the details of how Plouffe enriched himself between stints electing Obama in 2008, and joining the White House staff in 2010.  The company that...(Read Full Post)