NY Times uses McCarthyism to attack Romney adviser

Not content with savaging Mitt Romney's solid support of Israel, the New York Times now is using McCarthy-type, guilt-by-association tactics to smear Dan Senor, one of the candidate's top foreign-policy advisers. Senor, the author of "Start-Up Nation," which demonstrates how an entrepreneurial spirit has made Israel a global economic success, helped shape Romney's agenda on his visit to Jerusalem.  That's enough for the Times to go after him with all pejorative guns blazing. The anti-Senor attack is spread in a four-column article by Michael D. Shear in the Aug. 2 edition ("Adviser Draws Attention to Romney Mideast Policy" plus two photos of Senor on page A10) Shear starts by telling Times readers that Senor is "one of the key people shaping Mr. Romney's increasingly hawkish views on the Middle East -- a triple threat as an adviser in Mr. Romney's presidential campaign." The story's alarmist tenor gets amplified as Shear, in not so subtle ways, depicts Senor as Romney's Rasputin...(Read Full Post)