NY Times indicts Israeli society as steeped in 'racism, violence'

Israel is grappling with a couple of horrific instances of Jews attacking Arabs. Last Thursday, according to the Jerusalem police, a brawl, sparked by complaints of an Israeli girl that she was harassed by Arabs,  mushroomed into a "lynching" assault on Palestinian youths that left one 17-year-old Arab temporarily unconscious.  On the same day, a Palestinian taxi was fire-bombed in the West Bank, inflicting burns on its occupants. Seven Israeli teenagers have been arrested in connection with the first incident.  Prime Minister Netanyahu phoned Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas assuring him that perpetrators of such violence will be punished to the full extent of the law.  As they obviously should be. But are there broader lessons to be learned from these violent episodes?  Are these just isolated incidents?  Or do they reveal basic flaws in Israeli society? The New York Times, which has a history of ignoring or downplaying Arab-on-Jews violence, leaves...(Read Full Post)