My Boxing Lesson with Global Warming Bill

My student "Bill" is a treat.  He smiles the length of an ear of corn.  He is energetic, like ethanol should be. He is also a big global warming fan.  He has replaced God with carbon dioxide.  He has a million reasons for glaciers melting and polar bears dying.  He believes that warming is man-made.  The universe is heated by the car.  If only we could perfect electric cars and the Volt didn't catch fire. I don't like to discuss global warming with Bill when we are boxing; I have brain damage, after all, and am not supposed to get hit in the head.  We spar for the body only.  I try to break his ribs, but I no longer have the power. Bill is so naïve about au courant political correctness that I'd like to hurt him into a realization that the universe is larger than a coal mine -- that man is a pawn, not the king, on a chessboard of his own demise. I want to tell him that global warming probably isn't man-made and that our fear of it is...(Read Full Post)