More Ryan fallout: CNN moves Wisconsin to 'toss up state'

It isn't all due to Romney's choice of Wisconsinite Paul Ryan as his running mate. The Badger state has been trending GOP in recent elections thanks to a plethora of good candidates and excellent organizations. Not only has Wisconsin elected a Republican senator and governor since 2010, but the legislature went GOP for the first time in 12 years. But the Ryan pick may have crystalized support for Romney in the state: CNN: CNN Thursday turned the important battleground state of Wisconsin from "lean Obama" to true "toss up" on its electoral map, in the wake of Mitt Romney's naming of House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, a seven term congressman from the Badger state, as his running mate. One contributing factor behind CNN's move was a new poll that matched two others from last week that indicate that the presidential contest in Wisconsin is close. While Ryan's announcement did not dramatically alter the presidential poll numbers in Wisconsin, it did change the way both campaigns...(Read Full Post)