More evidence of Obama's poor work ethic

From Glenn Thrush's new e-book on Barack Obama's campaign for reelection (Obama's Last Stand: The president's only complaint about [Peter] Rouse's tenure as temporary chief of staff in late 2010 (admittedly, a big one) was that too many papers and people were making it through Rouse's filter to the Oval Office, several current and former White House aides told me. From his earliest days as an adult, Barack Obama has shown a marked aversion I wrote about this characteristic in Obama's Work Ethic.  As President he routinely outsources the heavy lifting  to others, including the drafting and passing of Obamacare.  Foreign policy decisions are delegated to the Arab League or/and the United Nations ("leading from behind"). Decisions are just punted (Iran) or just postponed until after the election (XL Pipeline) or just left in limbo ("the fiscal cliff", "entitlement reform", etc.). This is one reason why he has withdrawn from the prospect of projecting...(Read Full Post)