Left goes ballistic over Romney birther joke

About all I can say is, lighten up people! It was a teeny, tiny little jab at Obama that the left is blowing up into the greatest insult ever given in any campaign in history. Or -- it's "code" for the racists. Or -- it shows that Romney is a birther. I wrote about the hysterical response on the left to Romney's joke yesterday: Strange way to "rile up" the base of birthers by mocking them. Whenever I mock the birthers, they want to tear my throat out. I hardly think Mr. Romney was trolling for votes from the loons by getting his audience to laugh along with him when ridiculing their stupidity. And I'm not sure birtherism as as widespread among Republicans as it was when that poll was taken a year and a half ago. Even if it is, it is a leap of faith to ascribe such beliefs to racism. It is a sad commentary that the only thing Democrats have in this election that they believe resonates with the public is not their candidate's ideas, not his stewardship of the economy, not his...(Read Full Post)