Jerusalem dare not speak its name in Wash. Post travel section

Washington Post travel writer Daniela Deane may be an expert on Israeli breakfasts, but she flunks political geography 101 when she describes eating places in Jerusalem - "Morning glories - Israel's breakfasts can't be beat" Aug. 12, page F3)  Deane starts by informing readers that she "moved to Jerusalem a few months ago."  Fine.  Plain and simple. But a couple of paragraphs later, we find that her digs no longer are in "Jerusalem" -- but in "West Jerusalem."  This is followed by her discovery that Fridays are the best days of the week for Israeli breakfasts "in West Jerusalem."  (Why leave out eastern Jerusalem?  Aren't breakfasts just as delicious there?)  But Deane is stuck in her awkward terminology.  Stores and cafes and restaurants in "in West Jerusalem" are mostly all shut by 3 PM on Fridays, she reports. (Only there?)  It's obvious that just as the State Department can't bring itself to calling Jerusalem the capital of Israel,...(Read Full Post)