Is re-education a part of Obama's transformation of America?

What President Obama said to a crowd yesterday at a Las Vegas area high school after two people who disagreed with his policies were escorted out gave us a chilling insight into his true philosophical political and social beliefs. Addressing the crowd, Obama said, "That young man probably needed a good teacher." One can assume from that remark that President Obama believes people who disagree with him obviously did not have "good teachers." If that is the case, what does it tell us about Obama's philosophy of education - about what our children should be taught?  Alone, the president's statement could be brushed off as a humorous rhetorical remark to lighten the moment, but you need only to listen to what the president said next to appreciate that it was more than just an off the cuff humorous remark. What President Obama said directly after that remark was, "We all need it." That's right, with direct reference to someone who disagreed with him; President Obama not only said that...(Read Full Post)