Is Bigotry Compatible with the Huffington Post?

Author's note: This piece, a response to a factually inaccurate and bigoted op-ed published by the Huffington Post, was originally submitted to that website, but the Huffington Post declined to publish our response. The only explanation offered by the site's Senior Blog Editor, Stuart Whatley, was "Though it's a response to another contributor on the site, this one's just not for us." As of this posting, Whatley has not responded to a request for further explanation. The hallmark of prejudice is judging a diverse group of people by one's preconceived notion of them, rather by what they actually say and do.   In the mind of the bigot, all actual diversity is ignored in the service of his notions of monolithic conformity.  All shades of gray are painted black.  Human beings become cogs in an engine that drives ever faster towards the bigot's nightmare.  Today, such bigotry is unacceptable when it comes to African Americans, Jews, Muslims, etc.  But it...(Read Full Post)