Horace Mann School on Trial in the Press

"Something there is that doesn't like a wall," wrote the poet Robert Frost almost a hundred years ago; and now it seems that there are some people who don't like the fine institution that gave them a great beginning in their educational careers. How else to explain the groups of "activists" described in today's NY Times and in the Wall Street Journal  who seem hell-bent - for whatever motives to drive a truly great school to grovel before them and to force its leaders to plead mea culpa, mea maxima culpa to alleged activities that took place many years before they were ever part of its administration. The school in question is Horace Mann, in Riverdale, New York, arguably the nation's finest independent preparatory day school. It is one I graduated, was a parent of a student attending during the period in question, served as Class Representative and an Alumni Trustee, and am the husband of a teacher who concluded her 50-year career with 17 years on the Horace Mann faculty. I...(Read Full Post)