Hollywood to the Rescue

I finally saw The Dark Knight Rises the other night (spot on is the gloomy depiction of New York City under the jurisdiction of anarchists like Occupy Wall Street) and before the feature began, an interesting sneak preview was shown. Denzel Washington stars in an upcoming film called Flight.  In the movie, Denzel is a pilot who saves the lives of everyone on board his doomed plane and is, subsequently, honored as "a real American hero."  As the plot thickens, however, we learn that the pilot had a few drinks the night before he flew and now he's being blamed for the tragedy in the first place. Ah, but those "in the know" know that he and only he could have landed the plane and saved all the passengers.  He was the right man for the doomed journey.  (One powerful shot in the trailer shows the plane literally flying upside down!) The conspiracy theorist in me can't help thinking that Denzel Washington in this movie is, at least on a subliminal level, Barack Obama...(Read Full Post)