History you never heard of, from MSNBC

Bill Schanefelt
At the very end of an otherwise excellent piece on the Blitz, the insufferably smarmy Brian Williams imparted this nugget of history: "...just today, just this afternoon, not too far from here, outside one of the new Olympic venues, we happened to look down at the unmistakable sight of pock-marked bullet holes on a stone pillar...a reminder that the war is  not that far off...." (transcript unavailable) Unmistakable?  Bullet holes?  Who wrote that?  One of the army of fact-checkers at NBC? Who knew that the Nazis fought house-to-house with the Brits in East London? Tune in tonight, folks -- you may learn about the U-Boats in the Thames. The author once lived on a bay on a former British island where U-Boats actually did hide.(Read Full Post)