He Made My Day

Clint Eastwood's appearance at last night's convention is getting mixed reviews.  Of course the left hated him but even some Republicans found it odd.  They miss the point.  Eastwood wasn't meant for political junkies.  The TV convention audience has been way down from 2008.  Eastwood was meant to get the non political types to switch over and then maybe they'd stay around for Romney's speech. Eastwood is a lot like John Wayne. Each man's better movies are still watchable decades after they were made. Teenagers know who both men are while names like Redford, Beatty or Streisand usually draw blank looks. As an American icon Eastwood could do some things no one else could.  He ridiculed Obama as an empty symbol even as he spoke common sense about politics. When I watched the tape a second time I thought it was effective as political theater as opposed to a standard political speech.  One simply can't look at an icon like Eastwood without thinking of...(Read Full Post)