Has the predicted play of the Mormon Card against Romney begun?

A recent AT article predicted that the Obama campaign would play the Mormon Church card after Labor Day.  It's begun early. On June 25, 2012, an American Thinker article entitled "Obama Campaign's Hole Card: Romney's Church" predicted that, through its loyal supporters in the liberal media, the Obama campaign would play Romney's affiliation with the Mormon Church against him. In part, the article read: And, as November nears, does anyone think that the two Davids -- Plouffe and Axelrod -- will hesitate to play it [the Mormon Church card] after Labor Day? Of course, they won't play it face-up, overtly. It'll flip over on the political game table via a circuitous, but transparent, route -- through their allies in the legacy media. One of the "C" media outlets (CBS, NBC, CNN, or ABC) will produce a special expose on Religion in American Politics - 2012. The correspondents will review the Reverend Jeremiah Wright's role in the '08 election, emphasizing how Candidate Obama distanced...(Read Full Post)