Government as far as the eye can see

Stop! Hold everything you're doing right now and look around. Can you see anything that could inadvertently harm a child? Got paperclips out on your desk? Lock them away for safe keeping lest a little person come along and swallow them. In the kitchen preparing lunch right about now? I recommend pureeing the carrots instead of cutting them into pieces that could accidently be swallowed by a young person, causing choking hazard. Bottle of shampoo sitting out on your bathtub? Toxic drink. Store is away. Pens and pencils on your desk? Tools of impalement. Put them away. You don't have young children in your home? It doesn't matter. The government is thinking about it for you anyway - thinking about the infinite (and I do mean infinite) ways they can protect us from harm. The latest case in point: Buckyballs. Huh? Buckyballs are small magnets that can be manipulated into a variety of forms. They are marketed to adults with warnings plastered all over them about potential choking hazard to...(Read Full Post)