GOP cancels first day of convention due to Hurricane Isaac

All the Republican's carefully scripted plans for the convention in Tampa got thrown for a loop when the Republican National Committee reluctantly canceled the first day of the GOP convention because of concerns for the safety of delegates. Hurricane Isaac will hit the Tampa area late tonight and will create hazardous conditions for delegates on Monday. NBC News: Republicans announced Saturday that they had effectively canceled the first day of its convention for safety concerns associated with an impending hurricane. Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement that "the Republican National Convention will convene on Monday August 27th and immediately recess until Tuesday afternoon, August 28th. That move essentially postpones the activities of the first of four scheduled days of the convention. But Priebus said in a conference call with reporters that the details of the revised schedule were not yet settled, and could be announced as soon as...(Read Full Post)