Former VA Governor Implies Biden Not Allowed to Use Race Card

Former Virginia Governor Doug Wilder better take the boulder-size beam out of his own eye before going after Joe Biden's racial gaffes. I'm no fan of Biden but Wilder seems to have conveniently forgotten how he got maximum mileage out of playing the race card in the last presidential election. Now Wilder is mad at Biden for doing the same thing. The governor appearing on CNN says he wants the Obama camp to consider whether Biden's recent preposterous remark to a Danville Virginia audience that Republicans want "y'all in chains" is bad enough to give him the heave-ho.   Well, first of all it is divisive and certainly uncalled for...I don't think the Obama administration needs that at this time... But when you make a statement that says 'They are going to put y'all back in chains,' which means 'I'm OK - not going to happen to me.'" We'll work through it, but 'y'all' would be in chains...Slavery is...(Read Full Post)