For God's Sake Mr. President...Man up!

For the better part of this President's first term, we have been subjected to a plethora of excuses as to why things aren't better for Americans than they were a mere four years ago.  Whether it's the President, himself, telling us that the recession was considerably worse than they imagined, or one of his mouthpieces telling us that if only the Republicans would work with's all getting to be old and it's starting to raise the ire of Americans! This week, it was the continued softening of the Eurozone.  Mr. President, we don't give a damn what's going on over there.  We pay you to be the CEO of the largest economy in the world!  As CEO it is YOUR responsibility to surround yourself with individuals who can prepare you for these types of occurrences and then adjust our actions to protect our economic concerns.  If you can't figure out that Europe's troubles are going to have an adverse affect on the US, then you should step down.  While it is...(Read Full Post)