Federal Hiring Expertise

One would think that with unemployment as high as it is, that for every job opening it would be extremely competitive,  and the hiring organization would be able to select the very best from a competitive field.  Maybe in the private sector this might be true; however in the federal government this isn't the case. Many federal job openings are restricted to only other federal workers. Some might think this is fair -- that loyal employees should get preferential treatment.  Though with every social tweaking there will be consequences. Imagine a career federal service employee, in this case a GS-15, retiring and leaving a vacancy.  This is great news for the deputy, the GS-14, who gets promoted to fill the vacancy. Now the agency promotes a GS-13 to fill that position. Eventually, the agency can't fill the next vacancy with anyone qualified. The job opportunity goes unfilled and the agency must manage with short staff. The departments of Army, Navy, Agriculture,...(Read Full Post)