Even The N.Y. Times Admits It: 'Obama AWOL In Syria'

When the venerable New York Times -- the elite force of the mainstream media campaign to re-elect Obama--trumpets so pithy a headline, we can suspect that something is rotten, not in Denmark but in Obama's foreign policy.  The headline "Obama AWOL in Syria" appeared above a column by Nicholas Kristof, a veteran war horse in the Times' stable of Obama cheerleaders.  Kristof summarized discussions at the Aspen Strategy Group (yes, liberal pundits enjoy life luxuriantly) which arrived at a consensus that "on Syria there's a growing puzzlement around the world that he (Obama) seems stuck behind the curve." "Where is the United States?"       Kristof quoted two discussants who held cabinet posts under Bill Clinton. William Perry (Defense) said that were he running the Pentagon today, he would impose a no-fly, no-drive zone in northern Syria, with Turkey's co-operation and without US ground forces.  And Madeleine Albright (State), the...(Read Full Post)