The Shame of the Democrats

The Democrats are dragging national politics into the gutter. Harry Reid's outrageous charges about Mitt Romney's income taxes are demeaning the office of Majority Leader of the Senate, and the Senate itself.  What must it be like for Sen. Dianne Feinstein, still smarting from the rebukes she received after telling the truth about the intelligence leaks from the White House? She will bite her toungue as the institution of the Senate suffers the blow of its Leader's degradation of the political culture. The Democrats' shame has already been documented in their own voice -- in a smear campaign that preceded the Mitt Romney libel by only a few weeks. Sheldon Adelson is the target of outrageous smear and innuendo for his crime of lavishly supporting the cause of Israel's survival and conservative politicians. The campaign fundraising arm of Congressional Democrats bungled their smear so badly, they have had to grovel and retract what they alleged about Adelson in press releases. Anna...(Read Full Post)