Debate Commission Blues

Who the heck picked the commission on debates?  Who put them in charge? Why not let each side choose an equal number of moderators?  Imagine Rush Limbaugh and Ann  Coulter paired with Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow. Put all four candidates on stage for at least 12 hours with all four moderators questioning them. Now that would be a debate worth watching! It is time to stop bowing to the left-wing media machine. If Romney and Ryan can't stand up to these idiots, how can they lead America? If you go to the commission website here's what you'll find: Co-Chairmen Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr. Michael D. McCurry Honorary Co-Chairmen Gerald R. Ford† Jimmy Carter Ronald Reagan† William J. Clinton Co-Chairman Emeritus Paul G. Kirk, Jr. Board of Directors Howard Buffett John C. Danforth John Griffen Antonia Hernandez Reverend John I. Jenkins Newton N. Minow Richard D. Parsons Dorothy Ridings Alan K. Simpson Executive Director Janet H. Brown †Deceased Only ex-presidents not named...(Read Full Post)