(De) Mystifying Phone Calls

It doesn't get any better than this:  You can support the Romney/Ryan ticket and not spend a single penny. (But if you want to send money to the campaign, by all means, please do!) You can do this by making calls. From the comfort of your own home. In your favorite chair. In an environmentally controlled environment. At your leisure (but truth be told, please hurry up, sign up to make calls, and make a slew of them). I know this sounds dreadfully boring and/or a bit intimidating. But hear me out. Not only is making calls free, but it is a crucial way people living in solid blue or solid red states can support the campaign. Folks living in these states cannot sit back and say it's up to those who live in swing states. (A comment I've read on more than one occasion on conservative blogs.) It's up to all of us! And making calls from home is a fantastic way you can support the campaign no matter where you live. I can hear some grumbling.... "I'm not comfortable making calls." "I've...(Read Full Post)