Confessions of an ex-Liberal, Part II

Recently, American Thinker published a blog I wrote titled "Confessions of an ex-Liberal." It was met with a range of responses from readers who welcomed me to the fold to those who felt mistrust, anger, and resentment to those who thought I was searching for some sort of pat on the back. Thank you all for taking the time to post your comments. Reading through them stirred me to write a follow up piece that melds an issue I've been pondering for quite some time (political activism) with responses to a few comments. Some readers expressed curiosity about what sparked my political evolution. I'll answer that in a second, but first want to say that the subject of how to spark political change in others is one I am deeply interested in. In my own political activism, I am forever searching for the best approach to help a liberal see the light. So far, I haven't found any sure fire answer, though I do have a few ideas. Unless you've found some magical approach that works every time (in...(Read Full Post)