Clint Eastwood endorses Romney

Remember all those nasty things conservatives were saying about Clint Eastwood after his "Halftime in America" commercial at the Super Bowl, which appeared to be a sop to Obama? You may now start walking back your criticisms. Reuters: Mitt Romney must be feeling lucky, punk. The Republican presidential candidate got a surprise boost Friday night when the star of "Dirty Harry," Academy Award winning actor and director Clint Eastwood appeared at Romney's fundraiser here, telling reporters he endorsed Romney because "the country needs a boost somewhere." "He just made my day," Romney said. Romney aides said Friday that the event in Idaho's Sun Valley raised more than $2 million, a record for a fundraising event in the state of Idaho. Eastwood was reluctantly drawn into the 2012 campaign earlier this year when an ad by Chrysler, entitled "Halftime in America," ran during halftime of the Super Bowl, narrated by Eastwood and seemingly an endorsement of President Barack Obama. At...(Read Full Post)