Climatists on Water Vapor

A "greenhouse gas" is one capable of absorbing infra-red (IR) radiation. The most common atmospheric gases with such properties are water vapor and carbon dioxide (CO2). Water vapor is far more abundant with an average of 20,000 parts-per-million (ppm) in the atmosphere compared to just 395 ppm of CO2. Moreover water vapor is more effective as a greenhouse gas because it can absorb IR radiation over far more bands of the IR spectrum. Therefore, if man-made CO2 causes dangerous global warming, (a dubious proposition anyway), then man-made water vapor is far more dangerous. The two main electricity generation fuels in Australia are coal and gas. Coal is a dense fuel with a high carbon content which, when burnt, produces mainly CO2 with some water vapor. Natural gas has more hydrogen and less carbon and produces a higher proportion of water vapor, the main greenhouse gas. Thus if the climate alarmists are really scared of man-made greenhouse gases, they should be promoting coal instead...(Read Full Post)