Cant over Clarity

The true evildoers of our age are those who would willfully corrupt the Mother Tongue.  As a person who lives by the right use of words, I am grateful that early on in my academic career I happened upon two wordsmiths who shaped my craft ever after: Richard Weaver and Richard Mitchell (of The Underground Grammarian fame).  Weaver's seminal essay, "The Power of the Word," makes one feel as if the "word benders" of our culture are guilty of a capital offense.  And so they are! Language is the vehicle of meaning.  Language is powerful in a way that other media are not, especially if it is the Mother Tongue, the language by which you form thoughts, transfer concepts, and dream. Take for example the abuse of the two words "tolerance" and "acceptance."  The fusing of these words and the conscious, calculated erasure of their distinct meanings is a studied degradation done in the service of "consciousness raising."  In this case, the bending is in the service of...(Read Full Post)