A.Word.A.Day gets political

I'm a big fan of "A.Word.A.Day with Anu Garg", which arrives daily in my e-mail box. I've found it informative and entertaining, and I've had several of  my comments published in AWADmail, the weekly compendium of feedback from the week's run of words. Anu Garg quite deservedly calls himself a wordsmith, and I consider myself one also. But I'm growing quite weary of  Anu Garg injecting -- albeit subtly -- his politics into it. He's done so on numerous occasions. Last week, remarking on his recent travels to Norway, he gratuitously (and erroneously) pointed out that the mass-murder of 77 there in July of 2011 was the work of "a right-wing gunman", even though the killer has been revealed as a neo-Nazi, and Nazism is a Socialist (and therefore anything but "right-wing") movement. Now comes today's A.Word.A.Day, introducing "corpus delicti", the first of a week's worth of words and terms that come from Latin. But look at Anu Garg's first two sentences (which I've set in...(Read Full Post)