Another example of Obama's Chicago Values

This coming Saturday Chicago will hold its annual Bud Billiken Parade.  This parade, which bills itself as the biggest and oldest African American parade in the nation, is also one of biggest public celebrations held in Chicago each year.  It is the South Side's answer to the St. Patrick's Day parade held in the Loop.  The route is not far from the Obama's home.   The parade is carried live on television and every politician pays homage to it.  This year the parade's theme is  "Education: Built to Last; a Tribute to President Barack Obama."  The value of an education is certainly a good cause, and is one for which the Obama family has been a fine example to Chicago's African American community.    At the time the theme was selected, it appeared the organizers had been in communication with the White House and understood President Obama would attend this year's parade.  In June, the president's campaign office announced he...(Read Full Post)