And the 'mystery speaker' at the RNC is...?

Mystery solved. Or maybe not. The "mystery guest" who will take the stage just prior to Mitt Romney's introduction tonight will be actor, former Mayor of Carmel, CA, and unabashed Hollywood Republican Clint Eastwood, according to Fox News who heard it from one anonymous source. Sounds a little shaky to me. With no one confirmed yet, speculation is still running wild. Fox News: Officials confirmed Wednesday that a surprise guest was still on the schedule but declined further comment. One Republican source told that Eastwood is indeed the mystery speaker, following an online report that claimed the actor is planning to travel to Tampa for the convention.  If the Academy Award winner is the one, he could get a mixed reception with the Hollywood-leery crowd.  "He's all right, despite being associated with Hollywood," Bruce Thompson, a California delegate, said laconically. "He's a good guy and was a good mayor." The chatter comes shortly after Eastwood...(Read Full Post)