American Thinker Scoops The New York Times

We never miss a chance to pay all due regard to the New York Times and what has become over the years (unprintable).  But every once in a while, during slow summer days when editors of the paper are perhaps are on vacation, a story slips in that surprises us because it is not cheerleading for Democrats and Barack Obama in particular.  One of those rare events happened this week, when the Times finally got around to noticing the close crony ties between Exelon, the Chicago-based utility giant, and Barack Obama. From Eric Lipton: Early in the Obama administration, a lobbyist for the Illinois-based energy producer Exelon Corporation proudly called it "the president's utility." And it was not just because it delivers power to Barack Obama's Hyde Park neighborhood in Chicago. Exelon's top executives were early and frequent supporters of Mr. Obama as he rose from the Illinois State Senate to the White House. John W. Rogers Jr., a friend of the president's and one of his top...(Read Full Post)