Algerian succeeds Annan as point man for UN efforts in Syria

Algerian diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi has been named to succeed former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan as UN and the Arab League Special Envoy to Syria. He is charged with halting the civil war -- an "impossible mission" according to one French diplomat. Indeed, while the Assad regime has welcomed his appointment, nobody else really cares very much. The UN is irrelevant in this struggle which is why the rest of the world is working outside the UN to try and solve the crisis. The US and Turkey have been working closely to open conduits for arms to the rebels, and giving the Free Syrian Army valuable intelligence on troop movements. The Gulf states have been supplying small arms to the FSA while other EU states are assisting the FSA with their own non-lethal assistance packages. But Brahmi may be valuable some day as a facilitator in getting Assad to abdicate -- something that won't happen in the immediate future but might be on the horizon as the rebels become more effective in fighting...(Read Full Post)