Agrarian Unrest comes to America

A farmer zoning matter involving a bullying, lawbreaking bureaucrat, and featuring the "pitchfork protest" in Northern Virginia's Fauquier County on August 2 has gained an unusual amount of national attention, and for good reason. Smitty at The Other McCain was there and writes, "First they came for the farmers . . . as was demonstrated at the Warren Green Building in Warrenton, Virginia . . . . It was a pleasant summer day in what looked to be a quaint rural Virginia town. Not the kind of place you'd expect to be ground zero in the current national discussion of whether individual liberty matters in the face of the all-powerful regulatory state. Matters of zoning are as cogent as ObamaCare, we quickly find." A letter from Fauquier County Citizens for Family Farms to the Fauquier Board of Supervisors (disclosure: I'm a signer, and urge you to read it) demanding that Zoning Administrator Kimberley Johnson be fired, states the case.  Fauquier County is breaking the law in many...(Read Full Post)