46 Gold Medals - No Apologies

There's nothing in sports that quite compares to going head-to-head against another country's athletes in Olympic competition. It's us against them - America versus the world. Competition has always played a big part of what makes the United States of America the greatest and most powerful country in the world. Unfortunately, the current President of the United States is pushing a socialist agenda with no room for true competition. In fact, you could say that president Obama has waged a war on competition. Share the wealth, equality for all, and you didn't build that are President Obama's war cries. But unlike the Olympic flame that is put out at the conclusion of the games, America's competitive fire will never go out! The London Olympics concluded as the second most-watched event in U. S. history. And that could very well be because millions of Americans were yearning for an opportunity to rekindle their competitive fire in an arena where both competition and winning are...(Read Full Post)