With Israeli-Palestinian conflict unresolved, Washington Post blames Obama and Bibi, not Abbas

The Washington Post runs an extraordinarily lengthy Sunday article -- top of the front page and three full inside pages --  that attempts to explain President Obama's failure to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict after more than three years of intensive diplomacy ("Evolution of a President - Where Obama failed on Middle East - Despite leader's attempt at new approach, Israelis and Palestinians found no peace" by Scott Wilson, July 15). As a former Jerusalem correspondent who injected his dispatches with pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel bias, Wilson proceeds in similar vein in sketching the history of multiple peacemaking efforts since Obama assumed power.  He doesn't spare Obama and he certainly doesn't spare Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, but he lowers the bar to the point of exoneration in dealing with Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinians. Wilson's point of departure is that only the Palestinians are an aggrieved party and thus the only ones whose demands are justified and...(Read Full Post)