Why I'm Boycotting the Olympics: IOC Admits Muslims Prevented the Honoring of Murdered Israeli Athletes (updated)

The Olympics are due to start in London.  But I will not be watching them, discussing them, or even thinking about them, and I urge anyone with a claim to human decency to do the same. In 1972, at the Olympics in Munich, PLO terrorists murdered 11 Israeli athletes.  The games, of course, went on, and there has never been any effort to memorialize the victims. On this, the 40 th anniversary of this barbarism, the families of the victims, led by Munich widow Ankie Spitzer, petitioned the International Olympic Committee to honor the memory of the murdered athletes with a minute of silence, something most Western countries were in favor of: Munich widow Ankie Spitzer spearheaded the campaign by launching an online protest, which has since garnered support from across political spectrums in several countries including Israel, Canada, the UK, Australia, the US, Belgium and Germany. In the latest development, some 140 Italian parliamentarians signed a letter to [IOC president]...(Read Full Post)