Who's in charge of the Romney campaign?

First, his senior advisor says the mandate is a penalty, agreeing with Obama. Now Romney says the mandate is a tax. But does that mean he raised taxes in Massachusetts where there is a state mandate to buy insurance? Coupled with the confusion over whether Romney was going to highlight Obamacare at all -- his staff saying no, while Romney saying yes -- one has to wonder who the heck is running that outfit? Politico: Directly contradicting his senior adviser, Eric Fehrnstrom, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney told CBS that the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate is "a tax." Earlier this week, Fehrnstrom said in a TV appearance that Romney has the same view as the White House on the individual mandate: that it's a penalty, rather than a tax. Romney instituted a state-level mandate to buy health insurance as governor of Massachusetts. But Romney shifted gears in a sit-down with Jan Crawford, declaring that President Barack Obama broke his pledge not to raise...(Read Full Post)