What the Government Really Does for My Business

President Obama is recycling and upping the Elizabeth Warren class warfare anti business screed.  Not only has the small percentage that pays nearly all the taxes been criticized for not paying enough, we are now belittled for not even being responsible for our own success.  We only succeeded because the government allowed us. The underlying message is clear: our money is not ours, and is thus available for the taking as the government sees fit. It is true that we benefit from infrastructure built by the government. We also benefit from the police and courts that protects out private property that we use to invest and grow our businesses.  We benefit from developments that occurred in the exercise of other government objectives such as Teflon, developed for the space program and the internet, developed for military objectives. This is what we are currently paying taxes for, and nobody complains about that.   We get it and we understand.  But that is not...(Read Full Post)